Our Services

Whether it be selecting from a wide-ranging suite of legally compliant products at the touch of the button, or a multi-faceted, unique and large-scale solution requiring detailed input and management, Progressive Legal Solutions can deliver to your requirements and within your timescales. Our experts are here to listen and help you determine the products, solutions and services that will best help you achieve your objectives. In addition, we offer several add-on services, all designed to help clients demonstrate and benefit from a competitive advantage in their marketplace.

Additional Services We Provide Include:

Concierge Service

We are pleased to offer a specialist concierge service offering full-service bespoke management, guidance, ordering and reporting. We can cover every aspect of your conveyancing needs, no matter how large and complex, and we can deliver with speed and accuracy. For further details on our bespoke offerings and solutions please contact us.

Cyber Security Solutions

We can help protect our clients from damaging cyber-attacks. Each year over 50% of SME’s are hacked or targeted, often unaware until it is too late, and many have little or insufficient security in place to protect themselves and their customers. At Progressive Legal Solutions we offer Cyber Essential to help protect you both.

Cyber Essentials covers everything your business needs to protect itself from the increasing threat of cyber-attacks. Being certified can reduce risk of attacks by up to 98.5%.  Taking cyber security seriously and demonstrating a commitment to risk management not only offers essential protection but is often expected by new customers and partners. Cyber Essentials can help you grow, as well as keep you safe. Please contact us for further information. 

Branding and Marketing support

We understand the value in helping your clients to understand your offerings. If you are thinking about refreshing your website, creating a new company logo or literature to provide to your customers, we have the creatives, ideas and solutions in place to support your business. We can even help with increasing your social media presence and help to publicise your services to specific markets.

If you are interested in any of the services above or discussing other potential benefits we could offer your law firm please get in touch via [email protected]