Our Products

At Progressive Legal Solutions we offer an extensive and comprehensive suite of legally compliant products designed to increase efficiency while protecting your customers. We are committed to ensuring that you, our clients, are able to successfully safeguard your customers from any past, current or future issues that could either negatively impact the value of their purchase or ruin their enjoyment of it. Whatever your needs, we have it covered, and all at the touch of a button.

It’s your choice, we won’t offer one company’s product over another, it’s for you to choose. As customer care is central to our ethos, we are always on hand to assist and guide to ensure you receive quick, up-to-date and reliable results. Our solutions are designed to help save you time without cutting corners, all the while ensuring your customers receive the very best information about their purchase.

By combining innovative technology and an easy-to-navigate ordering platform with exceptional customer service, delivered by local experts with local knowledge, we guarantee a fast, accurate and hassle-free conveyancing search process for both you and your customers.